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2022-02-22 at 14:00

Day 2: MLS vs. International Soccer: Is it time to just embrace the weird?

2:00 p.m. MLS vs. international soccer: Is it time to just embrace the weird? 

Host: Keith Costigan 

Confirmed Guests: Tom Bogert and Maggie Ntim

For a number of years, MLS has been seemingly stuck at a fork in the proverbial road of league advancement. While much of the league's marketing and team appeal has been more "Euro-inspired" over the last half-decade (see the number of recent expansion clubs with the moniker "United" or "FC"), there are still a handful of quirks that enhance MLS' uniqueness, like allocation money, "DP" and international roster slots, and the SuperDraft. Are those aspects holding the league back? Or do they make MLS a more intriguing entity to the rest of the world?

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