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2022-02-22 at 13:00

Day 2: The rise of soccer players unions

1:00 p.m. The rise of soccer players unions 

Host: Johanna Gretschel 

Confirmed Guests: Ethan Finlay, Bobby Perez, Nkosi Tafari, and Katie Naughton

Players associations in U.S. league soccer are less than two decades old, but the progress that has been made by those labor unions will last a lifetime. 

The incoming 2022 season will be a historic moment for U.S. league soccer. For the first time ever, both of the top divisions in men’s and women’s game will have a collective bargaining agreement in place. 

What has been happening behind the scenes to create this landmark change? And how have social justice movements, worker rights, the Black Women’s Players Collective and the Black Players For Change aided the professional soccer solidarity movement? In this panel, we’ll discuss exactly how we arrived at this moment.

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