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2022-02-22 at 12:00

Day 2: Comparing ways to grow women's soccer across the world

12:00 p.m. Comparing ways to grow women's soccer across the world 

Host: Theodore Lloyd-Hughes 

Confirmed Guests: Katie Scallan and Adriana Terrazas 

Women’s soccer is growing exponentially across the globe. However, the ways in which certain soccer federations are choosing to govern and enhance their domestic women’s leagues varies greatly. 

In Mexico, Liga MX Femenil mirrors its male counterpart. The same 18 clubs for each league, with the same logos, kits and culture. Liga MX broadcasters even sometimes produce the programming for the Femenil league. On occasion, the attendance numbers can even match Liga MX. In England, while the clubs may look the same on the surface, there’s often discrepancies in the investment, inclusion and the media coverage. That has also affected consistent attendance. 

Through the lens of the NWSL and Texas women’s soccer, it’s time to debate and discuss what the world’s women’s soccer leagues could learn from each other. 

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