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2021-02-12 at 12:55

Day 3 - Opening - The lessons Texas taught you on the way to stardom

Foundation of Texas Soccer: The lessons Texas taught you on the way to stardom - Presented by TEXAS MUTUAL

Moderator: Jon Arnold, The Striker Texas Senior Staff Writer

Panelists: Carla Overbeck, former USWNT captain and FIFA World Cup Champion

How did growing up here help or hinder the path to greatness? Texas can point to some extremely talented players as alumni of its clubs and schools. National team players like Clint Dempsey, Jeff Agoos and Jose Torres on the men’s side and Carla Overbeck and Monica Gonzalez on the women’s side made the state proud on the international level. Yet, we’ve also heard stories about how Dempsey had to drive long hours to make it to training sessions, among other obstacles. We’ll ask these legends whether or not they made it to the very pinnacle of the sport because of or in spite of the soccer culture in Texas and how the environment has evolved since their days on the youth fields.

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