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2021-02-12 at 15:55 Day 3 - From The Field - Taking soccer from hobby to Pro


Player Panel 2: Taking soccer from hobby to Pro - Presented by Gloria

Moderator: Laura Gomez, The Striker Texas

Panelists: Satara Murray, FC Austin Elite defender

Cami Privett, Houston Dash midfielder

Bri Visalli, Houston Dash midfielder

Danny Woodfill, General Manager, FC Austin Elite

A male athlete can make a living off just being an athlete, but it’s an entirely different story for their female counterparts, that sometimes have to work several jobs to survive and still play. Yes, things are changing specifically for women in soccer due in large to the success of the United States Women’s Soccer team. But is loving the game enough to turn it from a hobby to a career? Does knowing that the possibility is high of having to have different jobs to survive while being pro deter more women athletes from becoming a professional soccer player?  As broad a question as it may be, what do we as a society have to do to help the pro-female athletes?

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