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2021-02-11 at 16:55 Day 2 - Executive - Can second-division teams become relevant in their communities?


USL Executive: Can second-division teams become relevant in their communities?

Moderator: Rene van de Zande, The Striker Texas Chairman and Co-Founder

Panelists: Tim Holt, Managing Director, San Antonio FC (Spurs Sports & Entertainment)

Alan Ledford, President, MountainStar Sports Group & El Paso Locomotive

Ron Patel, President, Golden Grape Entertainment & RGV FC Toros

Warren Smith, Co-Founder, President and CEO, San Diego Loyal SC 

Is it possible for USL teams to fill the role clubs in England or Germany do as pillars of the city? It can be difficult for clubs to break through in the largest cities in the country, but for decades lower-league clubs have been pillars of smaller communities in countries like England, Germany and Argentina, among others. As the USL Championship and its other leagues continue to grow, what must clubs do to foster the same connection with their local communities? Are there things the league could do to make that more likely? And what are some of the unique challenges each market faces?

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